McFlurrys are like that because of hedgehogs

McFlurrys are like that because of hedgehogs

When was the last time you ate a McFlurry? Did you end up taking the lid off burdened by the fact that the spoon fit too tight? Well, think of it as nothing more than a small sacrifice for the sake of the hedgehogs.

Yes, it may seem like a joke, but it is true. In the past, the cap that was placed on top of the famous mcdonalds ice cream it had a hole for a considerably larger spoon. The problem was that it was just the right size so that the hedgehogs could stick their heads in looking for something sweet to take to their stomach, and then not being able to leave.

When trapped, they could not move or feed normally, so they could starve. Not counting the damage caused by the wounds. Therefore, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society It was campaigning until finally, in 2006, the fast food chain opted to make the hole smaller. Since then, fewer hedgehogs have been trapped, but some continue to fall, so consumers themselves have already begun to be asked to take their measurements as well.

The hedgehog problem with McFlurry lids

In an article on this topic published in IFLScience, have shared a post of Facebook of 2017 in which a veterinary center in the south of England warned of the problems that continue to cause the caps of the McFlurry to the hedgehogs.

They decided to write about it when a hedgehog with the head trapped, to which it was necessary to anesthetize later to heal all his wounds. Veterinarians explained that these animals regularly get trapped because they are attracted to the sweet smell of ice cream leftovers.

Not everyone is lucky enough to end up in a veterinary consultation and many can die. Like all those animals that are trapped in nature because of objects derived from the activity of human beings.

Trapped in their habitat

The rings of soft drink packs, plastic bags or fishing nets are just a few of the many examples of utensils that can become death traps in nature.

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Okay, fishing nets are designed for that, but it’s not just fish that fall into them. Other animals such as seagulls, turtles, dolphins or fish for which they were not originally designed.

The rings on soda packs and bags are also dangerous at sea. An animal can get trapped when going through the rings and ending up strangled or starved for not being able to move normally. Bags can be turned into traps by the handles. But generally the problem is that large marine animals, such as whales, can eat them, mistaking them for jellyfish, and suffer intestinal poisonings or obstructions.

The rings of the soda pack or the fishing nets are other utensils for human use that can become deadly traps

To all that list, which is not only harmful at sea, is added the McFlurry cover, which can be deadly to hedgehogs on earth.

It was a detail on the part of the company to try to fix it. So are other supposedly beneficial measures, such as the use of wooden spoons or paper straws. The problem is that, at least with all this, we have ended up seeing that they are more like greenwashing strategies, with which they are good without obtaining a real benefit for the environment.

In this case, the proposal to eliminate or reduce plastic can also be beneficial. and is that some McFlurry containers no longer even have a lid. Simply the cardboard with which the container is made closes a little at the top. That is a great help for hedgehogs. But they can still get caught in hole lids, whether from McFlurry or any other product. Therefore, help is requested directly from consumers. If you have finished your ice cream, or whatever product it is, do not leave it lying on the street. Use the appropriate containers and, if possible, break the lid before. Even if there are no hedgehogs in your area, perhaps with that you could be helping some other small animal. It is a simple and quick gesture and the positive results can be immense.