McDonald’s opens corporate university: opportunity for young people?

McDonald’s opens corporate university: opportunity for young people?
  • McDonald’s will open its “Hamburger University” to train young people to enter the world of work
  • Starting tomorrow and until December 31, 2021, young people who are interested in this initiative will be able to access its five free courses
  • The courses are: Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Customer Service and Health and Wellbeing

Arcos Dorados, the franchise that operates McDonald’s restaurants in 20 markets between Latin America and the Caribbean, will open its corporate university for all young people in Latin America.

Young people, who now belong to the so-called Generation Z, will always need opportunities to develop all their talents, skills, and so on. Many times, it has to do with a sense of survival.

In Mexico, there are currently around 30 million young people, that is, 24 percent of the total population. This according to data from INEGI.

However, the arrival of the pandemic caused around 440,000 of them to lose their jobs, a situation that, to date, has not improved.

The reality of our country today is difficult. For many young people who are about to start their career there is a panorama of great uncertainty and even fear because they do not know what will happen to them; whether they will get a job or not. Even if they continue studying or not.

Due to the situation that historically occurs in Mexico, many young people are forced to leave their studies to enter the world of work, whether formal or informal. Low salaries and the few opportunities that do not allow them to generate a certain level of experience, are just some of the factors that need to be addressed urgently.

Against this background, it seems that a door has been opened for that sector of the population in particular so that they can develop all their skills that contribute to the construction of their future.

Today, within the framework of International Youth Day and through digital media, the official announcement of McDonald’s about its new corporate university was carried out, an event in which Merca 2.0 was present through the screen.

Hamburger University will begin operating from tomorrow, August 12, making available a total of five free courses, such as: Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Customer Service and Health and Wellbeing.

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This initiative by McDonald’s arises in response to the concern of young people in Latin America and the Caribbean regarding the need to train to strengthen their skills and compensate for the lack of experience, in order to enter the formal world of work with better preparation or even to find a better job.

“ANDn Arcos Dorados, as leaders in the sector, we are convinced that it is important to take action and provide support to generate a positive impact in the communities in which we operate and deepen our objectives of being good neighbors to those around us. For this, not only every year we employ thousands of young people, but today we are thinking of all those who are not part of our company. We are proud to be able to bring you content that will help you in your development to facilitate the search for a first formal job or new professional challenges. We are a young company, operated by young people who are in charge of the satisfaction of the families who visit us and enjoy our food, “he said. Woods Staton, Executive Chairman of Arcos Dorados.

On the one hand, it is true: many times, a lack of preparation is one of the factors why companies decide to reject thousands of young people. However, this lack of preparation also occurs with accumulated experience, but, by not being accepted in a job, automatically, the opportunity to generate said experience is withdrawn.

Now, this type of initiative, at first glance, can be great ideas, but sometimes they fail to prosper as they think.

In times of pandemic, Covid-19, Delta variant, etc., it is increasingly difficult to enter the world of work or, failing that, to get a better job, and this is what McDonald’s Hamburger University is focusing on.

From tomorrow until December 31, 2021, through the site, young people who are interested in this initiative will have free access to the five courses offered by the company. Each course has its own certificate that endorses it to highlight your skills in the search for a first job or a new professional opportunity.

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