McDonald’s follows Burger King in claims of false advertising

McDonald’s follows Burger King in claims of false advertising

When in the equation we join a country in love with litigation and excessive advertising that advocates huge hamburgers, it seems clear that one and the other are doomed not to understand each other.

It has happened in the United States, where several consumers, according to reports The Wall Street Journalhave denounced the fast food multinational McDonald’s for advertise hamburgers larger than they really are.

The estimate assumes that the hamburgers advertised 15% to 20% larger than they really are. It doesn’t happen only to McDonald’s, but also to the Wendy’s chain, popular in the United States although in Europe it happened unnoticed.

Specifically, the efforts of the litigants are focus on the classic cheeseburgers of both companies, which they accuse of certain misleading advertising. It’s not the first time, he explains TheWall Street Journal, Well, the same three law firms that are now pursuing McDonald’s and Wendy’s in New York state courts have already done the same in Florida, only on that occasion the efforts focused on Burger King.

To the plaintiffs’ regret, the lawsuit against Burger King was dismissed, so everything would indicate that the same will happen with the New York case. Plus, it goes without saying that it’s not just the burger makers who get caught up in these lawsuits.

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In the information quoted from The Wall Street Journal I also know mention other companies like Subway or Kellogg’s, where the former did not include real tuna in their tuna sandwiches or, in the case of the breakfast company, their strawberry Pop-Tarts are mentioned which, ironically, did not contain strawberries either.

As a conclusion while the case is settled we could say that with the food styling we have bumped into

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