A beat ’em up adventure awaits us in Mayhem brawler, which is now available to book at Xbox. This action and adventure game has been created by Hero Concept, a studio that develops multi-platform and multi-genre video games in the heart of Istanbul.

In Mayhem Brawler we will be accompanying Dolphin, Star and Trouble, who will be the most popular officers of the Stronghold agency, a super powerful law enforcement agency that is experiencing a sequence of events that will alter the fate of the entire city. This fun adventure will come to our consoles on August 19.

Mayhem Brawler is now available to pre-order on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

The game will tell us how complex life can be for a law enforcement officer in Mayhem brawler, since we will not only have to deal with street gangs. We will be able to make use of an arsenal of combos and special abilities together with our companions to face great threats that will surprise us when we least expect it.

We will have to defend ourselves from the fury of the werewolves, resist the curses of the street magicians and why not, we must also face a mega corporation that is led by vampires.

Mayhem brawler is a beat ’em up with a fantasy theme that will remind us of the 90’s arcade atmosphere. The game features a hand-drawn comic book art style, which will be very well accompanied by a vibrant soundtrack.

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This action adventure has a cooperative mode without internet connection that will allow us to play with 2 more friends. We will have 3 playable characters that will face 30 mobs of enemies, among them we will find 12 quite challenging bosses that will keep us entertained. Mayhem brawler It has 3 endings that will be affected by the decisions we make in our game.

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Remember that you can find Mayhem brawler available to book at the Microsoft Store At a price of € 19.99 or wait for its release on August 19.