The 2022 Formula 1 season will come with a profound regulatory change that will affect many aspects and will force drivers to reset their way of doing things. Something that Max Verstappen hopes to make the most of.

The technical regulations that have come into force for the 2022 Formula 1 season have forced teams to start from scratch in the design and development of the new car.

Gone are the complex ailerons as the foundation of downforce generation to welcome the ground effect. Or the 13-inch tires, which give the witness to the 18-inch, much more rigid and direct.

«You can’t say: ‘This is my style and this is how I am going to drive the car’»

Changes that will not only affect the order of the grid, but also force the drivers to reset their mentality and initiate a process of adaptation to completely new sensations and reactions.

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen has spoken about this, admitting that he will miss the cars from previous seasons, which have proven to be the fastest in history. «I like current cars (those of 2021) in terms of their speed, because the amount of grip you have is really impressive. The new ones will be a few seconds slower.

“But that has been done with the idea of ​​having better careers. Because right now when you approach (another car) you have a lot of turbulence coming from the car in front. I hope that the forecasts are fulfilled, “says the Dutchman.


But regardless of the lap times and the quality of the races, each driver will first have to deal with completely new sensations, from the overall behavior of the car to the tires.

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«The tires will be completely different with the 18-inch wheels. You get a different reaction from the tires too, I have to adapt my riding to it, ”says Max Verstappen.

“The feel is a little sharper, the reaction of the tires, and the overall traction you have when exiting corners is a bit different. I’m interested in seeing what it will really be like, ”he advances, eager to start shooting with the new cars.

This will force the pilots to show their adaptability, something that not all shine at. «Everyone asks: “How is your riding style?” Well I don’t think I really have one, you just adapt to the situation. Because if the car is understeering you have to adapt to that. If the car is oversteering, you have to adapt to that. So you can’t say: ‘This is my style and this is how I am going to drive’ », points out, however, Max Verstappen.

“It’s impossible because sometimes it just doesn’t work with the material you have. So I think adaptation at the end is key, ”concludes the Dutchman, who since his debut in 2015 has shown that he can go fast with any type of car.