Mass effect is, without a doubt, one of the greatest exponents of science fiction in video games. Its first installments captivated millions of players, so much so that EA recently released a remastering of the original trilogy that was received with open arms. However, Commander Shepard and many other iconic characters could try their luck beyond the interactive experience. Mass effect It would be the next game franchise to enter the world of series.

According to Deadline, Amazon Prime Video is negotiating with Electronic Arts the rights to Mass effect to create an adaptation for the small screen. At the moment, yes, there is nothing closed. We emphasize the above because in this type of situation unforeseen events can arise that completely ruin the negotiation.

Amazon did not confirm talks with EA regarding Mass effect, but they accepted their interest in invest in franchises that can succeed on your platform. “You will see that we continue to invest in fantasy genres of all kinds. We have a team focused on Amazon Studios that works tirelessly with our creative partners on those ads, and you can look forward to more,” said Jennifer Salke, director of Amazon Studios, also referring to the success of The wheel of time.

In the middle of this year, Mac Walters, director of BioWare, recognized that it’s only a matter of time to see a television adaptation of Mass effect. “Many people I know in the television and film industry have come up to me to ask when we will do it; to tell me that we have to do it.” Certainly the story of Mass effect lends itself to exploring the episodic format rather than a feature film.

Henry Cavill aboard the series of Mass effect?

Another key fact that we cannot forget is that, last February, Henry Cavill hinted that he is involved in a project on Mass effect. Through Instagram shared an image holding a “fuzzy” script, but the magic of the internet did its thing to uncover the content. In the document you can read a text associated with the narrative of Mass effect 3:

“Following the events on Tuchanka and a failed coup by Cerberus to seize the Citadel, the Quarians offer their support to the Alliance if Shepard helps them regain their homeworld, Rannoch, from the Geth.”

So that, we may have an official announcement soon by everyone involved.

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