Marvel Updates The X-Men’s Most Powerful Weapon And It Looks Amazing

Marvel Updates The X-Men’s Most Powerful Weapon And It Looks Amazing


Character magick has recovered his famous weapon called soul sword in a somewhat peculiar way, and with it has brought a truly amazing update. The comic New Mutants #26 shows to magick and his allies face off in an epic battle against the demon s’ym and his most loyal subjects. When different versions in time magick offer him the opportunity to wage single combat against s’ymthe demon accepts almost immediately.

An Iconic Mutant Gets His Weapon Back With an Amazing Look

Considering that he was the one who previously destroyed the soul sword of magicknot to mention his new abilities which turn out to be very similar to the ones he possesses warlock, s’ym he is sure that he will win once more hands down. This time, however, the demon falls to his much smarter opponent. With his defeat, the iconic weapon of magick is returned to you in its own form Technarch.

While is true that Illyana had already been a part of the Marvel Universe for nearly a decade, his soul sword didn’t show up until Uncanny X-Men #171 which was published in 1983 and was made by the great Chris Claremont Y walt simonson. In the first moment, soul sword came about during an unexpected fit of rage, one that nearly took the life of a very strong X Men also, Kitty Pryde. soul sword He has always manifested himself as a source of power unmatched in his respective realm. Over the years, she has been handled by the likes of Belasco, Kitty and even his own Nightcrawleralthough it has always found its way back to its rightful owner.

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With its new form that has been named Technarch, soul sword apparently it gathers and has managed to contain all the powers that it once had when it was carried by each character in all possible times. These include shapeshifting and the ability to infuse other materials with different types of enhancements making it virtually a lethal and virtually indestructible weapon. We will still have to wait for future issues to see what the real extent of her strength is.

Marvel Updates The X-Men's Most Powerful Weapon And It Looks Amazing

New Mutants #26 It is already available in specialized comic shops.

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