In the wake of Loki’s season finale, Kevin Feige has revealed that a meeting was recently held to establish how he will influence the MCU from here.

Loki has officially unveiled the Multiverse version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the possibilities from here on, are endless. Our first glimpse of the chaos to come promises to unfold in What If, followed by movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home Y Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness

During a recent interview for the podcast D23 Inside Disney, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that they have recently met at Marvel Studios to discuss the rules of the Multiverse.

“[El] Multiverse is emerging in a big way “ he joked. “There is interconnectivity there that people have already begun to see and suspect and I had a meeting this morning with the entire Marvel Studios team discussing the Multiverse and the rules of the Multiverse and exactly how to meet the excitement surrounding the Multiverse.”

“In the same way, the Multiverse is something that we love and we really love all the narrative potential it brings, but we thought we had to blur what it was and introduce the concept even briefly in Doctor Strange and then as a fake in Spider-Man. : Far From Home ”Feige added, confirming that there won’t be a reveal that Mysterio is actually from another Earth.

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Feige concluded by sharing one more joke. “I’ll tell you something: it is more than just fans who are following the history of the Multiverse. It’s really exciting to even see him in the middle of the Loki series now, as people respond to the possibilities. “

You can listen to Kevin Feige below

The multiverse is here to stay and if you stop for a moment to think about where things could go from now on in Marvel’s Phase 4, your mind can really explode you, since the possibilities are endless, and it is clear that after Loki, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will never be the same again. Things are going to get really crazy for years to come and with Kang the Conqueror on the horizon, another Multiversal War is looming.

The full first season of Loki is now available on Disney +