Marvel Studios have problems with their star series

Marvel Studios have problems with their star series

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe is expanding at high speed through Disney Plus thanks to the series of its best characters.

Marvel studios is creating its own problem, as it is presenting very high quality standards and therefore every new movie or show Disney plus it must surpass the previous one. But now, the series Ms. Marvel It seems that it is not reaching the expected level and a lot of things will change.

Ms. Marvel will present to Kamala khan interpreted by Iman Vellani. She is a super fan of the Captain Marvel and will become a hero during the six episodes that are planned. But the most important thing is that the story will continue in Captain Marvel 2 (The Marvels) where Kamala khan will share screen with Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) Y Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) that was featured in the series WandaVision.

Marvel studios started the production of Ms. Marvel in November 2020 in Atlanta, New Jersey and Thailand until May 2021. Therefore, post-production should currently be finished to be able to release as soon as possible. But very worrying news is emerging about some issues with this series.

Ms. Marvel from Marvel Studios

They will return to filming.

Atlanta Filming has confirmed that they will return to filming Ms. Marvel in Georgia in the next few weeks. But there are reports that reveal that the changes will be very important, since at Marvel studios he is not liking the end result at all. Luckily they have plenty of time, since Captain Marvel 2 will premiere in February 2023. Therefore, they may delay the arrival of this program to Disney plus until the beginning of next year.

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A while ago, there was already a lot of controversy because Marvel studios changed the powers of this character. Since you will not be able to stretch and transform your body like in the comics, but you will create shiny objects in the purest style Green Lantern.

All movies and series of Marvel studios are available in the Disney Plus streaming platform.