Marvel Shows X-Men Omega’s Biggest Weakness

Marvel Shows X-Men Omega’s Biggest Weakness


The omega ranked mutants of the X Men are some of the most powerful characters that can be found in the marvel universebut sun spot he has revealed what may be his greatest weakness in order to defeat them. With the ability to harness solar radiation, Robert DaCosta he is a powerful alumnus of the Xavier School Which is truly despicable behaviour.

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Morally questionable behavior is nothing new for the character of sun spot. On numerous occasions it has been seen that sun spot he’s willing to be seen as a villain if it means he’s going to be able to get what he wants. This type of behavior is not typical for X Menbut it is what has been shown in X-Men Red #3 made by Al Ewing, Stefano Caselli, Federico Blee and Fernando Sifuentes.

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Charisma and manipulation are the best qualities that the member of the X Men. It’s understandable that they prefer to rely on their powers to get things done, especially a field leader like Cyclops or a level mutant. Omega What Storm. It was the teamwork of several Omega level mutants that managed to terraform Mars into arakko first. sun spot could not hope to match the raw power of Omegas like Iceman either Storm and yet, their strategies have managed to destabilize the balance of the entire Solar System. Use the powers of isca without his consent is a dark move from an ethical and moral point of view, but it creates the result that Beto fights for. It seems that Omega level heroes are lucky that the greatest interests of sun spot align with theirs, at least for the time being.

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Marvel Shows X-Men Omega's Biggest Weakness

The biggest plans sun spot for arakko have been implied from the first issue of X-Men Red made by Ewing Y Caselli. For now, the intentions of sun spot lean toward heroism, but X Men and other Omega level mutants would be smart if they realized that Robert DaCosta I could change my mind at any moment.

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