Marvel has published the mid-season trailer for What If?, his first animated series now available on the streaming platform Disney +. In the trailer, viewers can see images of the five episodes that have already aired, but also images of what is to come, such as the possibility that Iron Man was able to snap his fingers in the final showdown against Thanos in Avengers : Endgame or Black Widow’s ability to use Captain America’s shield.

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What is it about? What if?

Based on the comics What if, translated into Spanish as ¿Qué pasa si… ?, this series explores what would have happened if some of the most iconic moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would not have happened in the way we know them to this day. In this way, it explores events that occurred in a totally opposite way.

To this day, we have been able to see what would have happened if Captain Carter had become the first Avenger, if T’Challa had become Star-Lord or if Doctor Strange had lost his heart instead of his hands, triggering different situations from gripping to terrifying moments.

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