Marvel creates a weakness for Wolverine that no one expected

Marvel creates a weakness for Wolverine that no one expected


Marvel’s mutants are some of the favorite characters of millions of people around the world, whether for his message to society or because of how epic their internal and external battles tend to be. However, within this group of characters, the one that stands out the most is Wolverinewhich is endowed with a series of powerful abilities.

One of the most important features of Wolverine is that its skeleton has been covered by a metal that is almost indestructible, making it extremely difficult to finish him off, unless his opponent is Magneto. But Marvel has created a new weakness for the character that no one expected. Next, we tell you all the details.

What is Wolverine’s new weakness created by Marvel?

Wolverine is stabbed by Lady Deathstrike in the place that would be his new weakness, the xiphoid.

him in comic Ultimate X-Men #60created by Brian K. Vaughan and Stuart Immonenwe can continue the confrontation between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike, which seems quite close. But suddenly, the mutant launches an attack with one of her claws that goes through Logan.

One would think that nothing happens, since his skeleton is almost indestructiblebut this is where the surprise comes, because before Wolverine’s reaction of pain, Lady Deathstrike alleges that the xiphoid had not yet ossified when it underwent the unification process with the adamantiumso that’s the only really brittle bone in his body.

Also, if the mutant gets breaking or damaging Wolverine’s xiphoid, then the mutant’s nervous system will collapse and it will be defenseless against further attacks. This is a completely new weakness that has been introduced in this comic, perhaps to match Wolverine with his enemies, as he usually won all his battles.

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the xiphoid is located just below the heart, but about the lower digestive system. This is the smallest bone in the sternum. And it is incredible how this bone has become something similar to an off button, because if they attack it directly there, it will be weakened.

Wolverine, the (almost) indestructible mutant

Deathstrike Talks About Wolverine's New Weakness In The Comics

Deathstrike Talks About Wolverine’s New Weakness In The Comics

The first time Wolverine appeared in the comics, it was during the The Incredible Hulk #181although at that time It was not known if the claws it had were part of the suit or not. But new stories that were published after this, not only gave an important background to the character, but also explained to us what his abilities are.

In the beginning, Wolverine only had the ability to take out retractable claws from his knuckles, which came from his bones. Besides, It also has a healing factor that allows it to heal all kinds of wounds.even dismemberment. It was thanks to this last ability that Logan managed to survive the fusion process with the adamantiumnow gaining a nearly indestructible skeleton made of tough metal.

With this combination of powers, Wolverine was almost invincible, unless he faced Magneto, a mutant capable of controlling metal, since, in other stories, we have seen that he has even completely regenerated from a drop of blood. Marvel may have created this weakness for make your fights more even against your enemies and have a clear disadvantage.

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