After many years, many Marvel and DC characters revealed their true abilities. Their powers had been being a “sham” until now.

Marvel Y DC, the two companies of comics most important in history, they are known for the great variety of their characters. However, these characters, who are well known for their powers, may not be what you imagined. After some revelations, it seems that the true nature of these superhumans has been uncovered, revealing many mysteries. This is the case of She-hulk and the magicians of DC.

Marvel, She-Hulk and her full potential

In the most recent issue, Avengers # 47, is shown to She-hulk captured by the Winter’s Watch, the group of Russian heroes. On this occasion, the Soviets fight against American supers, which attacked their homeland. That is why Red Widow contains to Jennifer walters and, in the middle of the torture, he tries to make her unleash her radiation. Thus, turning it into a beast, he would use his mind to use it as a weapon.

However, the attempt is made difficult because heroin’s control over radiation “They would make this field uninhabitable for 2000 years if it were completely liberated.” In this way, it is said that the superhuman levels of justice make her as strong mentally as physically, making her one of the most powerful beings.

Despite this, the malicious group achieves its goal. This volume is already available in stores.

There is no magic in DC

On the other hand, the competition revealed the magic tricks of its characters, confirming that sorcery does not exist in this universe. Zatanna, Constantine Y Dr fate they would have another stronghold for their powers.

In Doomsday Clock # 9 (2019), Justice League Dark is facing Dr manhattan, which tells his opponents that “Everyone thinks they are exercising magic”, but these are just “Fragments of creation”, which are like viruses in a computerized system. Consequently he added that these are “Left to be collected and used by those who are also discarded and forgotten.”

In conclusion, Superman is weak then before these failures in the matrix and not before a mystical power, as was thought.

And … did you already know?