Mark Zuckerberg opens his own store and this is how his place looks

Mark Zuckerberg opens his own store and this is how his place looks

mark zuckerberg you already have your own shop and the concept is very clear, as any good business should be, it has only been opened to sell products that allow early adopters and innovators to buy their accessories to imbue themselves in the metaverse, the last of the great businesses for which Mark Zuckerberg is betting.

The concept is simple but effective, since it has all the range of products needed to enter the new digital ecosystem and the bet does not disappoint, on the contrary, it shows how a man who has made his fortune with 100 percent native companies digital think a physical sales space.

The power of Mark Zuckerberg

mark zuckerberg he is one of the most inspiring personalities in the technology market and his proposal does not disappoint, on the contrary, he patents an interesting exercise of how a leader of digital native companies patents the idea of ​​a business premises.

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The appearance of the store mark zuckerberg It is appropriate to think about what to improve, it really is not a space that seems finished, in fact, it seems like an activation that has been thought for the same to understand what the consumer of a store of this type asks for a closer approach with the metaverse, by testing the accessories that are sold.

With a physical point of sale, the consumer who is interested in the metaverse is going to be conquered, and this angle seems to define a very important role, and that is the ability of brands to establish what is worth and what deserves to be discarded in this segment.

The point of sale is adapting to the new digital scenarios, giving way to a new understanding of the market.

Meanwhile in Mexico

As the United States celebrates the opening of its first shop of Meta, in Mexico we see in social networks the insights that emerge from the visit of a baby boomer to a Sam’s Club.

Last April we disclosed the case of a minor or generation Z, who received a minute from his relative as a gift to do everything he wanted in an Oxxo. This is one of the best case studies there is to understand the consumer, since each chosen product is a revealed inights.

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