Mario Strikers: Battle League Football First Impressions: Characters, Gameplay & Multiplayer

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football First Impressions: Characters, Gameplay & Multiplayer


Over the years, we have seen Mario in many adventures. He has faced Bowser dozens of times, has participated in the Olympics and has competed in go-kart racing. With greater or lesser success, the plumber has done what Nintendo has wanted, even play football. The ball rolls again Mario Strikers: Battle League Soccera delivery developed again by Next Level Games that a priori has a deeper and more electric gameplay. This game is released on June 10th and we have already tested it.

Mario Strikers has something that spreads from the first contact. And it’s not just his artistic style, much more casual and thug. It is easy to connect with the game, accessible to all users and a very complete proposal in terms of mechanics. Shooting on goal, passing, dribbling, making tackles… These are the Main Abilities of Mario and his friends during a game, but this arcade football goes even further. The possibilities are enormous with Mario Strikers: Battle League Football.

The beautiful game

Through all these mechanics it is possible make winning plays in a smaller field than we would like. This Mario Strikers has very good ideas so that the matches are really close and exciting for the player. It has a training mode for learn all the moves available, since its execution has a certain trick. On the one hand, you have to get the perfect timingbut do not forget that football is a team sport.

Unlike other soccer games, here it is not useful to run with the same character and shoot in any way. has surprised us how demanding it can be the game and that speaks highly of the gameplay and the AI. The players have many resources to score goals, some more effective than others. But mainly you have to get the perfect timing when shooting, while keeping the opponent away from the ball. Therefore, it is possible to make a throw from a distance or play first touch so that the ball ends up in the back of the net.

The combinations are more varied than you imagine. With passing mechanics it is possible make walls, long commutes and even autopasses to get out of the defender’s race. There are several types of tickets to steal the ball, but here everything is permitted. In addition to no infractions, players can push a teammate to hit or hit an opponent. This makes the controls really useful for various situations, both on offense and defense.

We don’t want to be results-oriented, but in the end what matters is scoring goals. And there is only one unstoppable shot that is achieved with an orb that grants a special ability to the entire team: the hyper whiplash. When the player charges the shot, time will slow down and this time a line divided by segments and the player has to hit the two blue marks. Do not think that they were going to give you a goal, in Mario Strikers everything is achieved on its own merits.

On the other hand, if you do not hit those lines, there is a good chance that the goalkeeper saves your shot. At that time, the defending player can momentarily control the goalkeeper to stop the shot with a QTE with a meter. Now, the technique stat is differential in the hyperthrust, which will make it easier or more difficult to complete this with total success. so powerful shot. In fact, characters and attributes are items that give you greater depth to the game.

Special items, attributes and accessories

Here also come into play the objects that appear randomly on the field and they are advantages that can make a difference. It is not the solution to lack of aim, but they can put opponents offside (not literally). There are two item slots and three types of item blocks: the multicolored It can be taken by a player of any team, while the other two are of the same team. color of one of the teams and they cannot be stolen. If you try to take an object from the opposing team, you will get a penalty.

Each team can accumulate two items and use them whenever they want.

There are 6 objects in all and each has a positive or negative effect: Star, Green Shell, Banana, Mushroom, Bob-Omb, and Red Shell. The star has a positive effect on the team, as it grants temporary invincibility who catches it, improves its attributes and can avoid any rival that comes into contact with it. Mushroom is also a speed booster temporarily, a small advantage to escape your pursuers.

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The green shell is thrown onto the field and can knock down players find, while the red shell is unstoppable and remote controlled. Something similar happens with Bomb-Omb, producing an explosion the player who controls the ball. And finally, the banana could not be missing in a Mario game. Any player who steps on this object, will fall to the ground hopelessly. Therefore, the special items make the game much more fun. without breaking the rhythm of the match.

Lastly, mention should be made of the equipment configuration, something that is back in the hands of the players. Do not underestimate this option to create a team powerful and balanced. At launch, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will have 10 different characters with its own attributes (strength, speed, shooting, passing and technique). Needless to say, Bowser or Donkey Kong may be the best defenders (more strength/stamina), while Estela or Luigi have best technique.

Character Attributes in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Each character has a different distribution of attributes.

This is not final and here comes the final trick. Players can buy accessories with in-game currency. These items are cosmetic and also improve attributes characters at the expense of other stats. For example, a helmet can improve several points the pass and subtract the speed. In this way, you can do the combinations you want, always maintaining a certain balance in the matches. A stat such as technique can be upgraded to the maximum (25 points), which will allow you to have more options in the lethal hyper strokes.

Without a doubt, accessories can be a great reason to play continuously and not abandon it. Each character has its own accessories and cannot be shared, divided into categories depending on the part of the body. In addition to giving a different touch to the Super Mario characters, beyond the regulation kits They are merely aesthetic.

Local multiplayer game (1-8 players)

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football does not have a story mode nor does it need one. It is a game focused on local and online multiplayer mode that lends itself to receive updates to include modes, online tournaments or new characters and accessories. So Nintendo has a good opportunity to exploit this title with a lot of content because what we have been able to test is very limited at the moment. However, the multiplayer is the main claim to play Mario Strikers and make plays with the rest of the players.

Orb in Mario Strikers

The orb is a special item to activate the hyper lash.

Multiplayer allows matches of up to 8 players local and online, making it a good excuse to get your friends together. We have played matches of 2v2 players or 4 against the machine locally and the result has been tremendously funny. But don’t worry because one is already available free game trial for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers that you can download. So you can check for yourself all you can offer this Mario Strikers.

Conclusions of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

We may be before Mario’s most important game. Neither Champions League nor anything. Mario Strikers: Battle League Soccer has a good base and predecessors, but wants to go one step further and show that arcade football can be more ambitious. The time we’ve played has barely served us to learn all the controls and mechanics available, but mastering it is another matter. A game accessible, but demanding.

You can make very balanced teams or more crazy combinations with accessories. At the moment they are a good reason to keep playing because you can improve the statistics and there are more character progression. But as for content, we hope that it will receive more updates in the coming months because the possibilities can be enormous. Especially if we talk about characters and game modes. We also want to highlight the game art stylemuch more urban with truly spectacular sequences and effects.

Luigi's Hyper Whiplash

Each character has a different hypertrallazo with a very striking sequence.

Once again, Nintendo bets on a title for gather the players in the same room (both virtual and physical) and with the elements of Super Mario as a standard. A well-matched marriage with deeper gameplay than usual you can have a lot of potential. However, we have to see if the final version of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football can give more hours of play in the future so as not to forget it on a shelf. Mario doesn’t deserve that.

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