The cryptoactive debuted on December 31, 2021 in a pilot project limited to the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca, with its acceptance in some gay-friendly establishments in the region.

The intention of its creators is for it to become the cryptocurrency in common use in the community around the world, although for now, in addition to Madrid, it can be used in some places in Barcelona, ​​Ibiza and Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.

“It will have value as a means of payment for any transaction at the same time as it becomes a tradable asset on an exchange,” said the CEO of maricoin and CEO of Startify, Francisco Alvarez Cano.

The maricoin was developed through Algorand technology, within the Algorand Miami Accelerator program. Its creators expect that by the first quarter of 2022, the cryptocurrency will be listed on the main exchanges that support Algorand.