How could such beauty not be inspiring. Of course, if in addition to coming standard, it also gives us beauty Looks like those that are simple, affordable, and so flattering, we’ve got the perfect combo.

Mari Pedraza 2 Min

And it is because María Pedraza with very little is incredible, but also, her team has the ability to always bring out the best of herself and leave us looks as great as the one she has worn in the presentation of the Ego movie which, in addition, is a great idea to wear, for example, at our next company dinner (yes, the one that is about to arrive).

Mari Pedraza 3 Minutes

Thus, her Fendi outfit has combined it with a super polished low ponytail, parted in the middle And yes, also some magnificent extensions that give not only body to that hairstyle, but also a great length following the most outstanding trends of the moment. The truth is that her stylist, María Roberts, has hit the nail on the head with this hairstyle that, in addition to being easy, is elegant and very flattering.

And, of course, we also have to talk about makeup work of Iván Gómez with whom we always take our hats off. And everything has been thanks to very discreet brown shadows, juicy and luminous skin and a lipstick nude matte finish that have given a perfect result that we can easily add to our repertoire to succeed in the same way as Maria Pedraza.

Photos | Gtres and @mariapedraza_