Maria Fernanda amazing cosplay version of Nelliel Bleach

Maria Fernanda amazing cosplay version of Nelliel Bleach

In the world of cosplayyou can find all kinds of content, and it has so much variety, this is because some are about comics, movies, series and even anime, and we must recognize that each one has its own charm.

Speaking about anime, we know that there are many genres within it, since there are titles of soft novels, action, adventure, wars, comedy, science fiction, romance, among others, and each one has its main exponents in its genre, so finding a very wide range of titles, and the anime we are going to talk about this time, could be one of your favorites.

Is about bleachand cosplay is about Nelliel Tu Odelschwancka girl who appeared from a very young age and was better known as Nella girl who obtained the position of third sword in the army of Sōsuke Aizenbut his story within the animated series was much more than that.

She, who lived in a hole, forgotten by the world with her adoptive brothers, and pet bawabawa; Nellthe girl who next to Ichigo Kurosakihad great adventures and ended up being like her brother, with whom she shared shows of affection and funny moments, although she was constantly somewhat jealous and hoarding.

The version that we can observe is that of the beautiful Maria Fernandaa popular cosplayer originally from Brazil, who you can find on Instagram What @fegalvao_and has an impressive number of 2.3 million followersplus a host of cool cosplay jobs.

Maria Fernandawearing long green hair, a pistachio green dress, torn and with short sleeves that reaches her neck, a powerful katana with a green handle that is a toy, not forgetting the red line that is just above her nose and divides his face into two parts, in addition to the emblematic skull that always rests on his head.

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It is clear that the girl looks beautiful and as an expert in this great Bleach cosplay, we hope that this work has been to your liking, if so, let us know through our social networks, and please, continue in eGamesNews.