Marelli, protagonist of the hybrid propulsion system of the Peugeot 9X8

Marelli, protagonist of the hybrid propulsion system of the Peugeot 9X8

Peugeot Sport has signed a multi-year collaboration agreement with Marelli within the framework of its hypercar project. The reputable company has been responsible for the development and supply of a high-performance electric motor tailor-made for the Peugeot 9X8, as well as from an inverter based on the benefits offered by silicon carbide. Both components are part of the electric drive system that Peugeot’s LMH prototype mounts on the front axle. Marelli’s work has been marked by the reduced space offered by the car.

The objective of the Marelli hybrid propulsion system goes through achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and performance while adapting to Peugeot technology. Marelli’s contribution is based on his knowledge in the design, manufacture and implementation of high performance hybrid and 100% electric systems, as well as its knowledge in the field of energy regeneration systems and 100% electric propulsion systemsfruit of the experience of its applications in competition.

Peugeot Sport has signed a multi-year agreement with Marelli, a leading global supplier in the automotive sector.

This partnership opens a new chapter in the long history of collaborations between Marelli and Peugeot., both in the field of competition and in the field of production cars, including the supply of electronics and telemetry for the glorious Peugeot 905 and Peugeot 908 in endurance races. This new joint technological adventure aims, once again, evolve propulsion systems and mobility towards smart electrification solutions taking advantage of the competitive framework offered by the WEC.

Olivier Jansonietechnical director of the Peugeot hypercar project, said: «We are delighted to welcome Marelli on board our Peugeot 9X8 project.. We have been collaborating with Marelli for many years and our work teams share the same passion and dedication, always seeking excellence. This project is a great opportunity to combine our skills and design, test and compete together on track with a new and innovative high-performance electric motor. which is sure to lead the 9X8 to success.”

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Riccardo De Filippihead of Marelli Motorsport, has indicated: «We are excited about this new collaboration with Peugeot Sport. We already have a long and glorious tradition of collaborating with them in endurance racing throughout history. We both share a great heritage and tradition in the competition. Once again, we put all our efforts together to push the limit of performance in a car so unique and extreme that it excites. This prototype adopts the most advanced Marelli electric propulsion technology».

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