Marc Márquez announces that he will be operated on his right arm for the fourth time

Marc Márquez announces that he will be operated on his right arm for the fourth time

Marc Márquez will undergo a new surgery on his right humerus, so it will be indefinitely low in the MotoGP World Championship. The # 93 will undergo surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to correct once and for all the injury that has been dragging on his arm since his crash at the 2020 Spanish GP. It will be the fourth intervention in the affected area and the goal is remove mobility limitations that the Catalan has had in recent months and that have prevented him from riding comfortably on the Honda RC213V.

The lack of significant improvement in recent months has led Marc Márquez to make the decision to undergo surgery again, all after consulting his usual medical team and a new team of experts. The six-time MotoGP World Champion will be operated on May 31 by the team of Dr. Joaquín Sánchez Sotelointervention that comes 18 months after the last surgery on the affected arm. Marc will return to Spain to start his rehabilitation, although there are no fixed recovery periods.

The Cervera rider has admitted that he does not feel comfortable on the bike and suffers a lot of pain in his arm.

Marc Márquez has been in charge of confirming this situation: «Unfortunately, I have to take a break during this 2022 season, rest that will take me away from the circuits for a while. After all these months of intense work with my new medical team in Madrid, my physical condition has improved and I have reduced the discomfort in my right arm to be able to compete. Nevertheless, I still have significant limitations in the humerus that do not allow me to ride correctly on the bike and achieve the goals that I have always set for myself.”

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Along these lines, the official Honda rider added: «For this reason, together with my medical team, Dr. Samuel Antuña and Dr. Ángel Cotorro, and after consulting with specialists from the Mayo Clinic, I have made the decision to undergo a new operation with the aim of improving my position on the bike, something that will allow me to shoot without the current limitations. I have the maximum motivation and illusion to continue working. I want to make the effort to return to compete at the highest level».

The Dr. Sanchez Soteloin charge of Márquez’s operation, has indicated: «Given the lack of improvement with the proposed rehabilitative treatment, advised by his medical team, Marc Márquez has decided to undergo a new surgical intervention at the Mayo Clinicin the United States, to improve the discomfort in his right arm derived from the loss of mobility in the arm. The surgery will consist of the extraction of the osteosynthesis material from your shoulder to increase the external rotation movement of the arm. and shoulder stability.

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