When No Man’s Sky debuted five years ago, it left many players dissatisfied. The ambitions the team had Hello games they were not fully met, and as a result, we had a half product. Well, after several free updates and patches, the title has finally achieved a positive rating on Steam.

On Twitter, Sean Murray, boss Hello games, showed an image where you can see that No Man’s Sky already has “mostly positive” ratings on Steam. According to Murray, it took three years for the game to go from “mixed ratings” to positive.

This means that at least 70% of players have given the game positive reviews. When it was launched in 2016, No Man’s Sky was rife with negative ratings on Steam due to what I was telling you before, but it seems that he finally recovered. Now it’s a matter of what Hello games keep supporting the project.


Via: Sean Murray

Many reviews of No Man's Sky on Steam are already positive

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