Manchester United | United’s crisis threatens to take away Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United |  United’s crisis threatens to take away Cristiano Ronaldo


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Manchester United has become a protagonist in recent days in the English tabloids. After the first defeat of the German Ralf Rangninck on his bench, the discomfort of several of the players of the English team has come to light. The latest information published even indicates that Cristiano Ronaldo values ​​a goodbye.

According to the information, it is surprising to see how Mauricio Pochettino is the main candidate to be Manchester United manager next season and there is a 40% implicit probability that this will happen, a true reflection of the instability transmitted by the ‘red devil’ bench.

All this context makes Cristiano Ronaldo’s role in the team questioned for the first time this season. Such is the case, that for the next Premier match there is a 31% probability that Cristiano will be left out of the eleven, something that has only happened in two games of the 16 that the Portuguese crack has played in the league.

Second top scorer candidate

Even though Cristiano is going through tough times at Old Trafford, he has a 10% implied chance that he will be the top scorer in the championship. Only Salah is ahead of him in predictions with a very high probability.

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Cristiano accumulates 8 goals in Premier and Salah double, 16. Although Diego Jota (10) and Vardy (9) have more goals, there is more faith that Cristiano accumulates more goals than both.