Due to the pandemic, chip and microcomponent shortages remain a major issue for multiple tech makers around the world to consider. In video games, it is difficult to find next-generation consoles, even a year after launch, and much of the blame lies with resellers.

Well in Japan recently arrested a man who it resold about 200 consoles and games. Apparently, this person received the products to later send them to their respective buyers, but instead of making the corresponding shipments, he sold them to stores in the popular district of Akihabara on Tokyo.

Apparently the man stole near $ 51,000 worth of merchandise, and the vast majority of them were spent on horse racing bets. The police mention that this individual did not have a fixed home, and instead, slept between the different cafes of Tokyo that rent rooms or beds to their clients.

The Nintendo switch It was also a console that has been affected by the pandemic, and even the Big N he even mentioned this during his most recent financial report.


Editor’s note: In itself the issue of shortages is complicated, now we have these people who seek to benefit at the expense of others. The good news here is that justice was served, although unfortunately there must be many the same or similar cases in the rest of the world.

Via: Kotaku