Man recreates Coca-Cola Zero with coriander and acid. This is how his formula turned out

Man recreates Coca-Cola Zero with coriander and acid.  This is how his formula turned out

a fan of Coke Zero recreated the formula of the drink and through a series of unexpected ingredients, he came up with a mixture that does not disappoint for the number of reproductions it has achieved on his account. TikTokwhere it appears with the name of whathowtry.

whathowtry’s specialty is to recreate popular products such as Nutella or Mentos, due to the chef’s studies in which he is and that have led him to find all kinds of unexpected mixeslike that of the famous effervescent drink that has no waste and has great potential to be understood as the mixture of orange zest, lemon, lime, vanilla pod, nutmeg, coriander seeds, juniper, lime leaves, cinnamon, lemongrass and phosphoric acid with which he acknowledged, “it gives the flavor of citric acid and is the biggest difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero (…) I am always amazed at how similar these recipes taste.”

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The importance of a Coke

The Coke Zero and an interesting number of brands have shown with all kinds of stories spread on social networks, the importance they have in the lives of consumers. The best example of this was given by Red Bull, when the famous energy drink reached space thanks to Felix Baumgartner.

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At the time, this story became the best reference for the consumer of what Red Bull represented and thereby established a very interesting reference of what to do and what not to do with the consumer. A Coke Zero it has only earned him a viral video recreating his formula.

Creativity, the guideline in networks

Creativity is the best way to make a product star in a story of value to the consumer and like all stories that deserve to be told, many of them happen organically.

Dog Face gave the best example of this when he posted a video on TikTok where he appears on board a skateboard drinking Ocean Spray. The event became the best guideline for the juice brand and not only that, it demonstrated its ability to tell stories of value to the consumer, when it is the same consumer who is in charge of telling these narratives.

Brands like Coca-Cola Zero demonstrate the weight they have in digital with the stories that are shared on social networks, starring these products.

When is it time to tell stories?

Telling stories has always been important, but what is really challenging is narrating them from native aspects, which give organic value to brands. This has undoubtedly established a very valuable participation scheme for social networks, especially because of the innovation they have achieved, where what is valuable is understanding which aspects become crucial, especially when the implemented resources must be innovated, such as creativity. related to the products in question. Red Bull, for example, required a trip to space, an astronaut suit and a personality like Felix Baumgartner to tell its energy drink story. Ocean Spray only needed a Hispanic on board a skateboard and Coke Zero it only took one student to be a chef, who recreated the formula drink, achieving a high percentage of the flavor of the drink.

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