Man buys Ray-Ban at Walmart and receives cheap glasses against C0VID

Man buys Ray-Ban at Walmart and receives cheap glasses against C0VID

The complaint of a man who bought a pair of Ray-Ban in Walmart and received protective glasses against C0VID, it has been one of the last complaints for poor deliveries of purchases made during the Good End.

The fact was reported on social networks, where the consumer has reported the theft of which he was a victim, a fact that is concluded by the references he has given and the image that documents the deception.

The incidents that occurred in bad deliveries of products purchased online, show the reality that brands live today and the weight that bad experiences reach, when they manage to highlight these complaints in the market.

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A bad delivery from Walmart

Twitter user Edson Raul Vazquez evidenced the deception that lived in a product, after having made a purchase at Walmart, as part of a gift, only that its sender received cheap glasses, used as a barrier measure against C0VID.

The complaint has been accompanied in networks with the image that shows the stake and data that show that the purchase was made in the store, confirming the serious logistics problem that exists in electronic commerce.

In his complaint, the man has shown the glasses brand’s case and the product he received in return, as well as his purchase guides, which put the brand’s delivery team in check.

“They were for a gift and when they were opened the case came, but the lenses that came inside were plastic lenses,” recalled the consumer in his complaint.

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