makes a spectacular cosplay of Brook and Chopper with his dog that has gone viral

makes a spectacular cosplay of Brook and Chopper with his dog that has gone viral

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If we think of a manga and anime that is a resounding success for more than twenty years, perhaps we have more than one work in mind. If we say that it is a full-fledged shonen, we may narrow down the result a little more. However, if we mention the word “pirates”, it is already quite clear that we are talking about One Piece. For that reason, it is not surprising that there are so many fans who pay tribute to this historical saga through elements such as cosplay. In fact, we can see inputs imitating adorable comic scenes from One Piece.

This video shared via Reddit by user VivreCard, shows us Brook and Chopper in a comic scene, which is played by a person in the role of the skeletal pirate, and his dog as the medical changeling of Luffy’s team.

In this scene, we can appreciate the two characters in the snow, moment in which Chopper ruins a little joke of Brook and leaves a stamp of the most hilarious. Of course, there is no doubt that the devotion of many fans to One Piece makes the name of this saga grow much more.

Of course, the world of cosplay does not stop giving us images and videos of the most curious, entertaining, and even funny. Over the years, the “otaku” universe with all that it entails (manga, anime, cosplays, events…) has gone from being a stigma to be a much more normalized hobby, something always positive, although not yet completely.

Hygiene jokes aside, we are witnessing more and more how fans show their love through drawings with an impressive appearance, tattoos that more than one would want to capture on their skin, works in magnificent cosplays, or simply talking about the vibrant events of their favorite sagas. These are good times for lovers of manga and anime in general.

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