Make these changes in the Caliber reader to enjoy your ebooks

Make these changes in the Caliber reader to enjoy your ebooks

When we are accumulating hundreds or thousands of e-books stored on our disk drives, it is quite possible that this could become chaos. Hence precisely that applications like this one that we discussed will be very helpful. They are in charge of managing all these contents so that we have direct access to them. Of course, as happens in most programs, first we have to do some configuration functions and thus adjust the application to what we need.

But that’s not all, since as we mentioned, this is a software solution that offers us a series of interesting and very useful additional functions. Perhaps many of you do not know that the Caliber itself has a powerful electronic book reader internally. This will allow us to enjoy our titles directly from the manager itself and read them comfortably, for example on the PC. However, below, we are going to talk about a series of parameters that you should take into consideration before you start reading these contents.

So you can configure and customize this reader that we are talking about and improve the experience with it in Caliber.

Open and customize how the Caliber reader works

At first, to open the reader we are talking about, it is enough that we locate the title in question within the list of our library. To access this functionality we only have to double click on the corresponding entry in the book. from that moment on we can start reading it as in any other software or hardware device.

However, we have already told you that it is advisable to make some changes in the configuration of this section. Therefore, we right-click on the book itself once it is open and select the option to preferences.

Adjust font size

However, before accessing this Preferences option that we discussed earlier, next to it we find an entry called Letter size. You can already imagine that from there we will have the possibility to adjust the size of the font in which the electronic book will be displayed.

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When we refer to improving the reading experience from this program, it goes without saying that we should use a size of source the best possible for our capabilities. Therefore, from the option that we mentioned, we only have to move the corresponding scroll bar and try until we find the right size.

Visual appearance of the Caliber reader pages

Dark mode is increasingly reaching a good number of programs and even Windows 10. This helps us to take care of the health of our eyes when we spend a good number of hours in front of the screen, whether on the mobile or the computer. computer. It is very possible that, if we read an ebook from this application, the same thing will happen. Precisely for all this we recommend that, in the Preferences section mentioned above, we click on Colors.

Here we will find several options regarding the appearance of the pages. Among these we can find a light theme, a dark one, use the system, or a couple of sepia tones.

colors pages

Keyboard shortcuts and scrolling

The main objective of this functionality is none other than power read content wanted. However, it is also important to be able to handle the reader as such in the best way, as well as to move between the pages and lines in a way that seems comfortable to us. It is worth mentioning that caliber also presents us with customizable functions and options for this. First, we go to the Preferences option called Scroll behavior.

From here we can tell Caliber the speed of scrolling between lines, as well as the time for an automatic scrolling. We can also configure the mouse wheel for it, or press the margins. But that’s not all, but the program itself also has a section called Keyboard shortcuts which allows us to configure our own key combinations to use in this reader.