Undoubtedly, Vegeta has had incredible character development in the saga of Dragon Ball Z. Who originally started out as a villain, ended up becoming one of the strongest allies of Goku and company. Sure, there were times when he was consumed by greed, like when he agreed to be a slave to Babidi a changed for more power.

Majin Vegeta was one of the strongest adversaries to have faced the Z Warriors, though he eventually managed to redeem himself with one last sacrifice. Paying tribute to you, the digital artist @dragongarowLEE shared a cool illustration of the anti-hero just when he was possessed by Babidi.


Currently, Vegeta He is considered one of the most powerful warriors of all Dragon Ball Z. In the Dragon Ball Super manga, this warrior even managed to reach a level of power similar to that of Goku Ultra Instinct with its own transformation, Ultra Ego / Mega Instinct.


Via: ComicBook

Majin Vegeta reaches a new level of power with great art

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