MagSafe compatible cases for iPhone, what’s so special about it?

MagSafe compatible cases for iPhone, what’s so special about it?

What is special about these covers

We have to go back to the mechanics of the MagSafe to understand what is special about these covers. The latest iPhone incorporate a series of magnets on the inside of its rear chassis that allows it to be attached magnetically to wireless chargers made with this technology, that is, with magnets. Well, although it is true that with any case they should charge wirelessly with those chargers, the truth is that not all have the same grip.

There are a series of covers made precisely for do not reduce the effectiveness of the magnets, either because of the construction materials used, because of their thinness or because of the incorporation of magnets in the case itself. Of course, we remember that not all iPhones have MagSafe, although in a way they can be added as we will tell you in a next section. The models that officially have it today are these:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

It should be noted that it is expected that the next generations of Apple smartphones continue to incorporate this technology and that even these incorporate improvements that make it have an even better grip than these previous ones.

Add MagSafe to any iPhone

As we dropped earlier, there is a way to make iPhones that don’t have MagSafe get it. And no, you don’t have to unscrew the device and put magnets inside it. That is a possibility, but it is at least tedious and not very fast. Jokes aside, the magnetic stickers they can be an ideal solution for it.

These work in a very simple way and it is enough to remove the protectors they have and ## Add MagSafe to any iPhone where the magnetic charge receiver is located (right in the center). Of course, the sticker will be directly attached to the iPhone and that in the end would make the device look like a strange element behind it, so you can also choose put it in any case, so that MagSafe chargers could be grasped without problem.

Officials from Apple itself

We started already seeing cases compatible with MagSafe and we do it with Apple’s own. They are neither better nor worse than the rest, but if you already know the style of cases that the Californian company designs, they can be good options for your iPhone.

Apple Silicone

They are the most typical and recognized of the apple company, which are characterized precisely by wearing that emblematic logo in the central part in a color tone that matches that of the case in question. Is available in Various colors to choose and although its price is not the cheapest, on Amazon you can find offers from time to time.

In terms of design, it really does not have anything that goes beyond the simplicity that characterizes Apple. Silicone materials that protect the iPhone on all sides, with a hole for the camera module and, of course, with the possibility of recharging the iPhone through a MagSafe wireless charger without losing grip.

magsafe apple silicone case

Apple Skin

We find a case that in terms of style is identical to the previous one, characterized again by having a minimalist design with the company’s logo in the center, in addition to also offering Various colors and 360 protection.

However, in this case, the fact that it is used synthetic skin for the construction of the case, giving a more premium material feel. And although it is true that in the end it tends to wear out more than the rest, if you take good care of it there should be no problem to continue wearing it with a very beautiful appearance.

magsafe apple skin case

Apple Transparent Silicone

This case has silicone construction materials identical to the first option we discussed. Therefore at the level of ergonomics and touch it is the same. However, it stands out for being completely transparent being able to fully show off the original design and color of the iPhone in question.

Of course, it has a fundamental difference with the others and that is that in this case the magnets that make it compatible with MagSafe can be seen with the naked eye. Hence, in its appearance we see a circumference in its central part that, despite everything, does not look bad at all and can be ignored. Although in the end in a matter of taste, everyone has their opinion.

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transparent magsafe apple case

Clear MagSafe Sleeves from Other Brands

If the option of placing a sticker on your own to your transparent case or buying the one from Apple does not convince you, either due to price or any other reason, you should know that there are other brands that manufacture cases of this type fully compatible and with more prices. economic.


This is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to covers at a good price and quality. In fact, the transparent covers are one of its strengths. In this case we find your cover option ultra light able to resist scratches and bumps in a very effective way and without neglecting ergonomics.

Like Apple’s, it includes the magnet system visibly on its back. The material used is silicone and above all it attracts our attention because, unlike other covers of this type, it does not yellow over time and does not accumulate as much dirt, although it is always necessary to try to maintain a certain cleanliness.

magsafe spigen case


This is another of the most recommended brands when it comes to acquiring a transparent cover that is fully compatible with MagSafe chargers. In this case, the design is more discreet, although that circle is still maintained in the central part where the magnets are located and where the wireless charging is located is indicated.

In terms of materials, there is little differential with the previous ones to highlight. It is made up of silicone TPU materials that make it very comfortable and, like Spigen’s, they are quite clean for what these types of transparent cases tend to be. Its price, yes, is much cheaper than the previous one and also includes a screen protector.

magsafe aroyi case


These cases, in addition to offering the desired MagSafe compatibility, stand out for being very robust and be one of the most suitable to protect the iPhone against bumps, drops and scratches. They offer 360 protection to the device and even include a camera protector mobile.

Its design is largely transparent, although on the sides it has rigid colored elements (to choose from) that give it a very distinguished touch. These colors that it can be purchased in are blue, black, red, pink, green, and purple.

magsafe KMAEBGH holster

Colored MagSafe Sleeves

If you like another style of case in which the iPhone can be given a different look with colors, we can also find interesting options in those that have full compatibility with MagSafe.


The ESR brand cases are among the most popular for mobile phones due to their good value for money. In the case of the MagSafe and it was not going to be less and it is that they have an interesting catalog of covers with official MagSafe certificateto be able to charge your iPhone without problem by means of the integrated magnets.

They are available in Various colors, from the always elegant black or blue, to stronger colors such as red or orange. They even have transparent covers in the style of the previous ones as well. What’s more protect very well to the device versus depending on what bumps and prevents scratches, making it a fantastic 2 × 1.

magsafe esr case


We arrive at some cases that, despite not having MagSafe technology as such, are also functional with this type of chargers thanks to the materials used for their construction. It is true that they have a somewhat lower grip than the others, but it is also a good option to show off a beautiful and colorful design without giving up this burden.

In this case we find 6 colors (blue, black, pink, purple, red or greenish blue), although for some models another three colors are added (gold, silver and pink). And yes, as you may have suspected they are made of silicone, highlighting its corners that make the possible blows that the iPhone suffers have a less impact.

magsafe oretech case


We close this compilation with these covers that stand out for being tremendously light and therefore have a very good grip in hand. In return, it must be said that it is not the most resistant to shocks, although it will prevent your iPhone from scratching.

We find for this up 6 colors different (blue, white, pink, mint green, black and purple) that would also match the colors of Apple devices. All with a silicone construction that, in this case, does have full compatibility with MagSafe.

magsafe elago cover