Magisk is one of the most used and active rooting and system manipulation tools, although we feared for its future after its creator started working for Google. Finally, Magisk goes ahead and its latest Canary version, in development, is already compatible with Android 12.

There is good and bad news, and that is this version also removes MagiskHide, the tool to trick applications into believing that the system has not been modified. However, the door opens for other developers to create modules for the same purpose.

Hello Android 12, bye MagiskHide

The first Magisk update in months brings us, for better or for worse, the changes that were already announced a few months ago. On the one hand, Android 12 support is added in this version it supports only 64 bit systems. In return, it arrives DenyList, to revert Magisk changes in certain processes and Zygisk.

Zygisk debuts in this Canary version of Magisk. It is a way of using Magisk in the process Zygote of the system, being in theory an easier way that Magisk does not affect the applications that do not want to be modified. It is still a pre-beta version, intended for developers to start testing to create modules that take advantage of it.

Now comes the bad news. Magisk Disappears, the module to deceive the system or specific applications, pretending that the system has not been modified. MagiskHide was used to continue using applications that require SafetyNet to function, such as Pokémon Go.

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What’s more, module repository is removed from the application itself. This makes it a bit more difficult to find and download compatible modules, although alternatives are already starting to appear. You can download the latest Canary version of Magisk from here, or directly from the application, changing the update settings so that it downloads Canary versions.

Via | XDA