Madrid eliminates the quarantine requirement for schoolchildren under 12 years old positive contacts

Madrid eliminates the quarantine requirement for schoolchildren under 12 years old positive contacts


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The students of Infant and Primary Education that they have been close contact with a positive for Covid-19 they will not have to quarantine, regardless of your vaccination status, according to the Protocol of action before the appearance of cases of Covid-19 in educational centers of the Community of Madrid, which the Ministry of Education has sent this Wednesday to all schools in the region.

Regarding the students over 12 years old, teachers and other staff of the center who are close contacts and who are not vaccinated or have incomplete vaccination, will carry out the quarantine for the next 7 days at the last meeting with the confirmed case, as reported by the Ministry of Education to Europa Press.

Thus, he recalled that close contact is considered to be those belonging to a stable coexistence group or students, teachers or other workers of an educational center who have been less than two meters away for more than 15 minutes without wearing a mask. and in a closed place.

The instructions that have been sent to the colleges and institutes of the region also include how they should act in the event of a possible positive case and the models of informative notes that must be sent to the families in the event of any suspicion of contagion are attached.

In front of a person who develops symptoms of Covid-19 in educational centers You will be fitted with a surgical mask, taken to a separate space, and the Covid coordinator will be contacted.

The companion of the suspected case will have to wear an FFP2 mask and if the person with symptoms does not wear a mask because they are under 6 years of age or have respiratory problems, the person accompanying them will also have to wear a face shield and a disposable gown.

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In the case of students, their families will be contacted so that they can come to pick them up and call their primary care center. The workers of the center with symptoms will have to go home and contact the corresponding health center by phone.

When there is a group with three or more cases with active infection in which an epidemiological link has been established, it may be a outbreak. In this case, the Covid-19 coordinator of the center must provide the General Directorate of Public Health with the list of cases so that it can assess the situation and what measures should be taken.

The scenarios of the appearance of this type of events in educational centers can be very variable and it is necessary to consider aspects related to the group or class where they are detected and also other external factors of the school environment.

The Ministry of Health has adapted its Strategy to give priority to transmission prevention and control actions in the current scenario, marked by the predominant variant omicron, “more infective, but with milder symptoms and a better clinical prognosis, and having reached in the region a vaccination coverage of almost 92% with a complete schedule in the target population over 12 years of age “.

One of the main changes that will be introduced from now on is in educational centers at different levels.. In general, and in sporadic cases, quarantines will not be carried out and in the event of outbreaks Public Health will indicate the actions to be followed. Public Health will indicate the actions to be followed in the event of outbreaks in school groups.