Apple is now finalizing the details and combing the fringes for the presentation of its new MacBook Pro. And with just a few hours away from its official introduction, a rumor begins to gain strength: the ‘notch’ could also reach the technology laptops this year.

Except for a script twist, these machines will be the stars of the event. With them will come the first chip manufactured by Apple for computers or professional computers, the M1X, which will complement the existing M1.

But the news could be many more.

Macbook Pro with ‘notch’: fact or fiction?

In 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X, the “revolution” of its most successful product. He arrived accompanied by a ‘notch’ or “eyebrow” on the screen, which was both criticized and praised. Today it is already one more element.

And far from disappearing, the most recent information on the Chinese Weibo forum seems to indicate that this element will also be present in the next MacBook Pro.

This is reflected in at least two different publications. In one of them it is done reference at the mention of a space reserved for this item on the device screen in the macOS AppKit. In another, directly, a supposed image of what would be the panel of the new MacBook Pro has been shared.

In it you can see at the top what would be the new ‘notch’. This includes both the camera and a possible brightness sensor, but not Face ID. The fingerprint reader Touch ID would remain the default unlock method. It is not possible to appreciate, however, the thickness of the rest of the frame that borders the screen.

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Recent investigations of the North American milieu Macrumors they also point towards the possible ‘notch’. This medium discovered in the beta of macOS Monterey the potential resolutions of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro (3024×1964 and 3456×2234 pixels), and they point:

By subtracting 74 pixels from the height of both, the resulting 3024×1890 and 3456×2160 resolutions have an aspect ratio of 16:10. All of Apple’s current MacBooks feature a 16:10 aspect ratio, leading to speculation that the extra 74 pixels could be for the notch.

The MacBook Pro will not be just ‘notch’

Monday’s is an event expected by the change that the new MacBook Pro could bring. These are called to mean an important generational leap for Apple, and there could be several aces that the Californian technology has on its sleeve.

Something that, apparently, is no longer secret is the return of a greater variety of connection ports to the terminal. The exclusive use of USB-C it was highly criticized in 2016 by the professional public, and could end five years later.

With the new MacBook Pros, Apple could bring back an HDMI, an SD card reader and the MagSafe charging connector. In addition to the M1X chip and, surely, other novelties, the firm’s laptops are positioned to once again garner all the attention.

We will meet him this Monday at 10:00, local time (PDT), 19:00, time in mainland Spain (CEST) or 12:00, CDMX time (GMT-5) in an event that can be followed in streaming through the official Apple channels and in Hypertextual.