Lyn is Starlight thanks to her excellent The Boys cosplay

Lyn is Starlight thanks to her excellent The Boys cosplay

This Friday the third season of TheBoys, which could well be considered the best television series that is currently being broadcast. For this reason, we have seen a lot of fan art and cosplay of their most popular characters, such as the cosplay of star light made by the talented Mexican cosplayer lynor @dalin_cosplay.

The Mexican cosplayer Lyn has been in the scene of this hobby for about a decade, but for a long time she has been distinguished by the high quality of her work, even appearing in promotional materials for important conventions in CDMX, such as La Mole in 2016 However, her Starlight cosplay was unveiled last month, while The Boys’ third season was airing.

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The first time we saw Lyn in her Starlight cosplay was in mid-June, but the photos posted by the cosplayer were taken when the second season of The Boys came out, so they have been saved for about a year now. Still, it was worth the wait as the Starlight cosplay looked great on Lyn.

This weekend we saw Lyn again in her Starlight cosplay, as she used it to attend the madhunter 100 and says she missed seeing her fans at events. This Starlight cosplay was once again excellent for Lyn and was very well received by her followers, as we can tell from the love they show her in her comments.

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The Boys Season 3 is just a few days away and we’ll have to wait another year for new episodes, but in the meantime we’re left with the show-inspired fan arts and cosplays showcased by its very talented fans. If you liked Lyn’s Starlight cosplay, I invite you to follow her on her social networks so you can appreciate the rest of her work.