LVP Unity League Flow: we review all the Counter Strike champions

LVP Unity League Flow: we review all the Counter Strike champions

Review with us all the champions of the Unity League Flow organized by the Professional Video Game League. Find out all the details in this note!

The Professional Video Game League holds some of the most important tournaments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. One of the main ones is the Unity League Flow, which left us memorable moments these two years, along with the Coscu Army, Leviathan Esports, Stone Esports, among others.

2020 – Between Pandemics and Armys

The debut of the LVP Unity League Flow was a bit complex, the world was going through a pandemic and the players could not participate in person. To cover the void left by the super league, the LVP achievement organize a great online competition in the middle of 2021. East Opening Tournament had old acquaintances and new faces, like the Coscu Army, its first champion. In an almost heart-stopping series, he was able to beat FuriousGaming. They reached a fifth map, Overpass, which ended 22-20 in favor of The Coscu Army.

At Tournament Closure of the same year, Rysix Gaming demolished in the league but Sinisters became champion in the playoffs and raised the glass against Nocturns Gaming. In a historic comeback, along with the last 3 maps, they took their victory, fans gone wild Y casters exhausted.

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With the end of the year, the 2021 Super Cup would take it Coscu Army with his win over Atrapa2Gaming, Malvinas Gaming, Nocturns Gaming and the final against Wygers Argentina. With a 3-0, 3-1 to remember and a close to the 2020 cycle, full of surprises, people on the edge of their seats and, above all, a lot of show

While the first clashes were taking place in the Super Cup, 9z and Coscu Army put together a Showmatch in La Rural, forgetting a bit about digital. Thousands of people, inside and outside the stadium, enjoyed the show. This would be the only face-to-face game of that year.

2021 – Youtuber, soccer and golems

In 2021 the opening with Coscu Army champion again of this competition, this time against Falklands Gaming. The series had been equalized in the fourth map. The fifth confrontation was calmer. coscu achieved his second championship and the third title for the squad.

The Closure I start with one largest call, 16 teams in total, including Boca Juniors Gaming and River Plate Gaming. Two groups of 8 teams were formed, where the first 5 of each will play a play-off until the final. This time the championship would take him River against Leviathan in the end, with their 3-1 victory. Leviathan came from beating 9z and the last champion Coscu Army. While River had beaten New Pampas in the quarterfinals and Furious Gaming in semifinals.

The Super Cup 2021, would give us a new champion, Stone Esports. With WAP Esports Secondly. The golems team were victorious in both the Semifinal and the Final against WAP. This would leave them as the current reigning champion. with a closure flourish the second season of LVP Unity League Flow.