Luisito Comunica criticizes the appearance of Xóchitl Gómez in Doctor Strange

Luisito Comunica criticizes the appearance of Xóchitl Gómez in Doctor Strange

Xochitl Gomez
He appeared as one of the main characters in Doctor Strange and after the premiere of the film, the famous actress already has her detractors like Luisito Communicates.

the famous youtuber Luisito Communicates assured with racist criticism, that it was not the best choice and with the Spanish that he spoke he did not identify himself within the tape of Doctor Strange. The video creator’s statement once again awakens the intolerance against decisions.

There is no doubt that this series of parameters have become benchmarks that today demonstrate a very important point and that is the ability of personalities to achieve crucial activities.

Luisito Comunica and his occurrences

Luisito communicates He is a very popular personality and his influence on networks requires responsibility, which in Europe has given way to organizations that regulate the transparency of these personalities known as the Influencers Trust Project.

This forces us to think about better content strategies that warn a very important point, how valuable it becomes to understand under what new parameters an idea should be communicated.without this falling into excesses such as racism against Xóchitl Gómez, for speaking a Spanish that does not convince the influencer after seeing Doctor Strange.

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What should Luisito Comunica criticize

The intolerance to the casting of certain personalities that appear in films, same that becomes racist criticism is part of the new narratives prohibited on social networks, where the tone and meaning of what is communicated must be questioned.

Is it valid to criticize an actress for the Spanish accent with which she expresses herself despite being Hispanic? What does inclusion mean today? Why has it not been possible to open a debate that regulates with parameters, what is said and how it is done in the voice of the influencers, who in Mexico have a unique impact?

Being an influencer today

The importance of an influencer is key today because it is a very important communication voice. We can see this from a very interesting angle and it is the one that reveals how interesting it has become for these personalities to understand the market.

There is no doubt that there are increasingly valuable guidelines that have to be taken into account, for example, the Influencers Trust Project has become a great case of how influencers play a key role today and more importantly, how it is regulated. the influence they achieve commercially.

In previous paragraphs I warned of how important it is for influencers to be aware of what they say, but even more important is to be able to help users understand ethics in social networks, this matter has to be promoted in schools and through civil associations, Otherwise, it is not possible to understand what message is wrong or correct before the rights of those who are the protagonists of these comments, such as Xóchitl Gómez because of the accent with which she speaks her Spanish in Doctor Strange.

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