Home Gaming Luffy makes his greatest promise to the people of Wano.

Luffy makes his greatest promise to the people of Wano.

Luffy makes his greatest promise to the people of Wano.

Things get more interesting every day one piecemore now than in the manga Luffy has released one of his greatest promises so far, with the most recent chapter, they tell us that since he met Momonosuke during the arc of Zouthings have been built for Luffythat is why as he approached the arc of Wano Countrythings for him were becoming clear and now, through his journey inside the manga, Luffy has developed a much closer and deeper connection with the people of the region after seeing those like size Y hyogoro suffering at the hands of Kaido Y Orochi.

That is why, since then, he promised to make Wano a country where people like size can eat as much as they want without worry, but through the fight with Kaido things have changed even more, because with Luffy losing to the Emperor three times before the awakening of the power within his Devil Fruitthe final climax of their fight finally came when Luffy put everything he had into a final blow with the intention of defeating Kaido once and for all.

So it’s just this moment when he reveals his newly expanded promise to now only free Wano, but create a new kind of world where his friends can eat all the food they want without fighting, and through the chapter 1049 from one piece starts after the previous chapter made fun of Luffy Y Kaido launching their final attacks at each other, so when Onigashima came close to hitting the Flower Capital, Luffy continued to press Kaidobut the two fighters had a final clash of ideals.

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So, Kaido he asks Luffy what would you do if you could change the world, and Luffy then promise to make a world “where [sus] friends can eat all they want”. This actually shakes the resolution of Kaido enough that his defense loses a bit and thus Luffy can make a direct connection with your face.

Since as the fans have seen inside one piece Until now, food is one of the most important elements of the franchise, since it is not only one of the favorite things of Luffy in the whole world, but it has also been something that has built bridges between the characters in important moments such as the meeting of Sanji Y Luffy during the arc of Whole Cake Islandthe massive parties after each victory and more.

Food has been an essential topic of conversation throughout Wanoand only further infuriated Luffy as it continues to rise to the top of the seas, so even though Luffy is really exhausted, has defeated Kaidoand is now one step closer to realizing this great promise to the citizens of Wano.