Luffy in Gear 3 form

Since Monkey D. Luffy and the other Mugiwara have arrived in Wano, nothing else has been said. The Wano arc is led by the same director from Dragon Ball Super: Broly and everyone agrees that it is one of the best arcs in One Piece. Big Mom, Kaido or Orochi are some of the antagonists of these episodes that fans are enjoying so much. With the passage of time it has been confirmed that Wano is directly connected with the end of the series. And the merchandising came almost hand in hand with the new episodes, thus revealing the appearance of pirates like Luffy or Zoro.

The traditional Japanese kimono is not enough to prevent Luffy from displaying all his power against his enemies. This is also demonstrated by one of the most colossal figures you’ll see from One Piece and representing Luffy in his Gear 3 form in the Wano region. As you can see, in the following image you can see the dimensions of the figure, in which the giant fist of the pirate stands out over the rest of the design. We had seen other Straw Hat figures, but none quite as impressive.

Just added this beast to my collection. I’m always going to rep my man Luffy. desde OnePiece

To use this technique Luffy bites his thumb and blows very hard to inflate his arm like a balloon. As you may already know, the result is an arm with a lot of mass that can deal damage in a much larger area than usual. This reduces mobility in exchange for immense brute force. Have you ever seen such an impressive figure? Then don’t miss out on this Luffy carving made from a piece of wood.

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