Luffy from One Piece had a new great power and no fans noticed

Luffy from One Piece had a new great power and no fans noticed


Most fans probably missed this detail, but One Piece has just given Luffy a super power, further enhancing his abilities. It is obvious that this article will contain spoilers of the last chapter of One Piece available in MangaPlus by Shueishaso if you don’t want to miss it, we recommend reading it firsthand.

At the beginning of the franchise created by Eiichiro Oda, we knew that the Luffy’s abilities came from the Gomu Gomu no Mi, a devil fruit. of paramecia type that the protagonist ate in the first chapter of the series. As its name implies, the fruit gives its user’s body the properties of rubber and Luffy was able to use this to great effect in combat, constantly evolving through training, creativity, and combat experience. Derived from this fruit, he unlocked the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Gears which were abilities or new ways to use his powers or combine them with Haki, but things completely changed after Gomu Gomu no Mi’s true nature was revealed, and Luffy debuted with his Gear 5.

Luffy’s hidden power in One Piece was one of the biggest reveals in the franchise.

The extreme battle against Kaido forced Luffy to “awaken” his Devil Fruit., it was revealed that he was actually the type of Mythical Zoan called Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, which gives him the powers of a mythical and divine being named Nika. Luffy’s awakened abilities essentially allow him to manipulate himself and his surroundings (including his enemies) as if they were cartoons, limited only by his imagination.

It seemed that Luffy had to enter Gear 5th to use these abilities (resulting in a major change in appearance but also a great cost to his body), but the chapter One Piece 1053 proved that this is not really the case.. Even if it’s just a small panel, Luffy’s reaction to the new Yonko’s announcement has the exact same effect his Nika powers had during the fight against Kaido, even if it’s in his “normal” base form.

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One Piece chapter 1053 reveal that Luffy can use his full power with no time limit.

This means his new abilities are always active and he doesn’t need to transform into Gear 5th to use them.. This is likely a result of his “awakening”, meaning that he completely mastered his Devil Fruit powers, but it also has another important consequence. Until now, each of Luffy’s Gears could be used for a limited time, because the increase in power came with a large stamina drain, especially in the cases of Gear 4th and 5th. The fact that Luffy can now use his awakened abilities with such ease means that he is no longer burdened by a time limit, which proved to be a huge hindrance in previous fights.

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The new great power of Luffy from One Piece

In fact, this is why it’s no surprise that the World Government was so afraid of Luffy’s Devil Fruit that, in the past, they changed its name to keep hidden what they described as “the most ridiculous power in the world” in One Piece. . Luffy is now constantly in his awakened state, which means he can access his devil fruit’s admittedly insane and overpowered abilities whenever he wants. This update will prove essential when Luffy has to face Navy Admiral Ryokugyu, who has just arrived in Wano and is aiming for his head. Most fans probably missed this detail, but One Piece just gave Luffy some serious power, making it worthy of his new title as one of the Yonko, the world’s most powerful pirates.

Luffy's new form, Gear Fifth, is impressive and extremely powerful.

Luffy’s new form, Gear Fifth, is impressive and extremely powerful.

Finally, the latest chapter of One Piece has just given the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, a great power that most fans probably missed.. Luffy’s powers already got a major upgrade during his fight against Kaido, after he awakened his Devil Fruit’s true abilities. This new hidden detail shows that the Straw Hat captain has already mastered his new powers, and also overcome one of his main weaknesses.

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