Lucid Motors has published the official EPA autonomies for its first 100% electric vehicle, the Lucid Air. With surprising numbers reaching 800 kilometers, if they really do go into mass production of the car, they will be an interesting competition for Tesla and the rest of the automotive industry.

“I am delighted with the news that the Dream Edition Range has been certified for 836 kilometers by the EPA. A number that represents a new record for any electric vehicle. It has been achieved thanks to the technology developed within the company and not simply , installing a larger battery, “explains Peter Rawlinson, Lucid’s CEO and CTO. “The 900V battery and battery management technology, coupled with miniaturized electric motors, achieve extremely high efficiency, allowing for longer distances to travel using less energy.”

The Lucid Air It is not only surprising for its great autonomy, but also for its acceleration capacity thanks to its 933 horsepower. In August, the company announced that the vehicle could be purchased in two variants: Dream Edition Range and Dream Edition Performance, the first focused on giving more autonomy and the second on offering even more power, reaching and exceeding 1,000 horses.

EPA autonomy of the Lucid Air Dream Edition and its variants

VersionEPA autonomyPower
Lucid Air Dream Edition Range (19 ″ wheels)836 kilometers945 hp
Lucid Air Dream Edition Range (21 ″ wheels)774 kilometers933 hp
Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance (19 ″ wheels)758 kilometers1126 hp
Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance (21 ″ wheels)726 kilometers1126 hp
Lucid Air Grand Touring (19 ″ wheels)830.4 kilometers811 hp
Lucid Air Grand Touring (21 ″ wheels)755 kilometers811 hp

There is no vehicle sales start date yet


Originally the vehicle began its sales at the beginning of this year, but due to security measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and difficulties in production, the company decided to delay the first deliveries for a few months. “At some point in the second half of 2021”, was the last official statement in this regard.

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In fact, until a few days ago, no person other than an official Lucid spokesperson had had the opportunity to drive the vehicle. That changed when Jonny Lieberman from the magazine Motortrend had the opportunity to take a trip with the car from Los Angeles to San Francisco, revealing the impressive range of the vehicle.