There are projects that only need a handful of proper names to powerfully attract attention, and the one we just learned through THR more than meets the premise. This is none other than a biographical feature film focused on the figure of Audrey Hepburn produced by Apple that finds in its director and its protagonist two unbeatable claims.

Winning combination

Nothing less than Luca guadagnino, head of ‘Suspiria’ and ‘Call Me by Your Name’, for which he received a well-deserved Oscar nomination for best film in 2018, will be in charge of directing Rooney mara —Twice Oscar nominee for her work on ‘Carol’ and ‘Millennium: The Men Who Didn’t Love Women’ -; who will play the iconic actress and activist.

Michael Mitnick, scriptwriter of ‘Vinyl’ or ‘War of the Currents’, has been chosen to shape a libretto whose content is a mystery today, although Hepburn’s fascinating personal and professional trajectory, which starred in imperishable jewels such as ‘Alone in the dark’, ‘Breakfast with diamonds’, ‘Charada’ or ‘Roman holiday’, it is an unbeatable base.

Still data on the start of production or an estimated launch date have not been disclosed, but knowing the pull that biopics have in award seasons – be very careful with ‘Spencer’ – and judging by the care that Apple puts in their original productions, it will be strange that the Guadagnino-Mara combination does not end up translating into one of the most relevant titles of his year.