Lovecraft Territory, one of HBO’s most watched and acclaimed series was canceled, but despite that it continues to convince more than one.

There are always reasons to cancel a series. Low audience, budget problems or bad comments from critics and viewers are often the main drivers. However, there are some mysteries that do not cease to amaze many users. This is the case of Lovecraft Territory, one of the most viewed series of HBO, which apart from everything, was greatly benefited by critics. The show also featured a huge financial muscle behind its making.


The show had, to begin commenting, a great actor in its main lineup of the cast. Is about Jonathan Majors, who was also chosen by Marvel studios to give life to Kang, The Conqueror. The interpreter will be the great villain of the film Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. Others still point out that it will be the nemesis of the series of Loki, but this could be confirmed in the next few hours. (This note was written on July 14, before the publication of the final episode).

In addition to the celebrity, the great and renowned producer JJ Abrams, was behind the scenes, coordinating the executive production of the series. Despite this, there were no more than 10 chapters that were made.

The plot was also promising, as it told the story of a man (Atticus) who was looking for his father lost in the 50s, but who on his journey runs into racism and monsters taken from Lovecraft’s books. Between terror, political-social drama and science fiction, they were part of the novel plot.

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Post-cancellation success

The innovation led the show to be nominated for 18 awards Emmy, among which are the main ones, best series, best actor and best actress. It is hoped that this may be reason enough to reconsider his renewal for one more season.

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