Lomito waits for his owner at the Metro station; “The Hachiko of La Raza”

Lomito waits for his owner at the Metro station;  “The Hachiko of La Raza”

Without a doubt, one of the most endearing history of cinema is the tape of Hashikopuppy who earned everyone’s affection, for the loyalty and affection he showed until the end of his days, waiting for the return of his master, Professor Hidesaburō Ueno, at Shibuya station, Japan, for more than 9 years after his death, a story that was brought to the big screen by actor Richard Gere, and that today it has its Mexican version, with a tenderloin that waits daily for the return of its owner outside a Metro station, known by the community as “El Hashiko of the race”.

Within the national territory there is a recent problem due to the number of abandoned puppies, tSo much so that even packs of dogs of more than 150 members have been registered, who attacked walkers of the Bosque de Reforma circuit in 2012a problem revealed by the large number of stray dogs within the city, which is why the Mexican Association of Veterinary Specialists in Small Species (AMMVEPE) estimates that there are just over 28 million dogs in the country, of which more than 70 percent are on the streeta figure that reveals a growing problem of raising man’s best friend.

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Lomito waits daily for his owner at the Metro station; “The Hachiko of the Race”

As the film shows ‘Always by your side’ where the story of Hashiko a loin of the Akita breed, embodied the loyalty and companionship that characterizes dogs, an aspect that has led them to carry the position, as man’s best friend, now being the turn of the “The Hachiko of La Raza”, puppy that has gone viral in the last few hours, after the similarity between the Japanese story and that of the little boy became known, who, according to what has been pointed out on networks, has been waiting for the return of his owner for several months who allegedly died of illness although the veracity of this fact is completely unknown.

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The digital community has taken social networks as the great advantage to show everything that they consider important, managing to generate great weight in the decision-making of companies, firms and even governments, for this reason virality is today one of the main tools, with which society has to solve certain cases.

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