Loki’s new form may have a huge advantage over the rest

Loki’s new form may have a huge advantage over the rest


Marvel comics always have sought to differentiate themselves from the rest; that is why we have seen publications of stories of the classic characters, but adopting other identities, such as the time that Miles Morales was Wolverine. Although there have also been reinventions of these legendary heroes and villains.

However, Marvel has managed to take this much further through Loki, the God of Deception, as he has officially introduced a reptilian variant of this Asgardian character and brother of Thor, the God of thunder. However, leaving aside its design and purpose, we can say that this variant has a great advantage compared to previous versions.

Loki’s new form is an alligator with advantages over previous versions

The new version of Loki has abilities that the original form could only dream of.

Marvel has introduced a new variant of the Trickster God, known as Alligator Loki (Alligator Loki), to star in their own stories. Fortunately, readers have been positive about the reception of this new form that many find adorable.

It is possible that Alligator Loki and his original variant share the same set of skills and powers. However, the reptilian version of the God seems to have some advantages compared to the others.

in the comic Alligator Loki #5which has been created by Alyssa Wong, Bob Quinn and Pete Pantazis, we can see the conversation and interaction between Thor and his alligator brother. However, after a series of events, and showing that she does not trust his brother, the God of Thunder decides lock loki in a zoo so you don’t get in trouble. Although this has not worked.

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Now in the Alligator Loki Comic #6, we can that the reptile is still in the zoo, but suddenly he meets some new characters that have been inspired by Captain America. During this meeting, Loki uses his arsenal of manipulation techniquescoupled with his appearance, to show a sad side and make Aaron Fischer and Ari Agbayani take pity on him and release him.

But this is not all, since, unlike the other variants of the character and his original form, Alligator Loki has managed to get rid of the problem without consequences, because later we see him receive candy and act like a pet. However, we don’t know what his next plans will be and how he will use this form to his advantage.

Everything indicates that this new Loki will be able to get away with it

Alligator Loki has managed to escape without consequences, something unthinkable for the other versions of the character

Alligator Loki has managed to escape without consequences, something unthinkable for the other versions of the character

Throughout his history, Loki has come up with all sorts of plans to make his goals come true. However, in the vast majority he has been stopped or defeated, so we can say that it has not been very successful. Although there are also stories in which we have discovered that he is capable of becoming a God of hope.

However, this new reptilian variant of the character, Alligator Loki, has what it takes to solve one of the most serious problems with the character and finally get away with it.

If you have followed the character in his various variants, you will know that he has been imprisoned on many occasions, but always manages to escape, even if he later suffers consequences for this. But in the Alligator Loki cartoon, has proven to be able to break free from captivity without problems, although he has resorted to manipulation techniques.

But the character’s trajectory is very short, since he has barely been introduced. It remains to be seen what his next adventures will be and what powers he will prove to have.

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