The fourth episode of the Loki series left all Marvel Studios fans amazed thanks to the post-credits scene.

Marvel studios has decided to present the TVA (Time Variation Authority) an organization that lives outside of time and space. At first Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was very surprised by everything he was discovering, but now he wants to find out what exactly is behind it. Since it has been revealed that the Guardians of Time they are simple robotic puppets. But in the post-credits scene the surprise jumped when the protagonist reunites with four different versions of himself.

In a recent interview, the screenwriter Michael waldron, explained his choices for the Loki variants saying:

“I don’t want to go into too much detail. The next episode, obviously, we could be seeing more of those guys. You know, I think it was inspired by the comics, certainly. You can see a young Loki there that people will recognize from the comics. I loved the idea of ​​seeing it. “

Thanks to the credits, fans know it’s actually called Kid loki and is played by Jack Veal.

Loki Chapter 4 has a post-credits scene

The rest are also inspired by the comics.

Michael Waldron also talked about the version of loki that Richard E. Grant will play: “This great actor in the lime green suit is an ode to Loki’s original costume. So I was just trying to pick out some of the iconic versions, as well as an alligator. “

When asked if the reptilian god God of Mischief is, in fact, a crocodile or an alligator, Waldron said: “Let me give you the latest news: it’s an alligator. Heard here first! “

It will be interesting to know what else they have prepared for the last two remaining episodes. The series premieres every Wednesday in the Disney Plus streaming platform that can be accessed with this link.

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