Logan Paul responds to Nintendo fans offended by his table

Logan Paul responds to Nintendo fans offended by his table

The controversial Logan paulSocial media personality and well-known gamer has responded to internet anger over his homemade table made of various Pokémon-themed Game Boys. Paul is no stranger to the wrath of the internet. Over the years, he has gained millions of followers on various social networks by creating vlogs that are often controversial in the gaming community. Logan Paul’s content covers a wide variety of topics, including boxing, personal relationships, fun with friends, emotional outrages, and Pokémon content.

The young internet star has made quite a name for herself since she started posting videos more than eight years ago, but she hasn’t received this attention without controversy. Recently, he was criticized for building a table with fifteen Game Boy Colors sealed in epoxy resin. Paul proposed this project as a love letter to the video game industry, but many classic game fans were offended by what they perceived as a destruction of ancient video game history.

Paul recently addressed the reaction on his podcast, where he said: “Go to eBay right now. They cost $ 60. More than 90 million of them were made. Not that they are in short supply. And I love them. They mean something to me, and I love Pokémon and all that”. This love was demonstrated in a past livestream, in which he opened 36 first-edition card packs containing more than $ 2 million in rare Pokémon cards. Paul explained that not all of the comments he received about his Pokémon table were negative. The reaction was surprising to him, as retro Game Boys are not hard to come by online. It’s unclear if the fifteen Game Boys sacrificed to create the Pokémon tribute worked, given their age.

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The internet personality has made no secret that he loves the Pokémon series and during his popular boxing match with champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., Logan paul He entered the arena wearing a $ 150,000 framed Charizard Pokémon card around his neck. A lot of people may think that’s a lot of money to spend on a business card, but it’s not a lot compared to the $ 3.5 million you recently spent on six Pokémon boxes supposedly full of first-edition cards.

Internet fame can be a double-edged sword, and Logan paul is still a clear example of this. The twenty-six-year-old has amassed millions of followers and an income high enough to allow him to spend millions of dollars on Pokémon trading cards. However, the constant attention it has received has unfortunately managed to capture some of its less popular decisions and opinions on camera. Logan Paul’s rise to fame has shown what a Pokémon fan can do with a lot of money, but over time his actions will determine what kind of person he really is.