The colossal gray whale helps save nautical tourism in Mexico

Hotels with new formats, houses with unique experiences, service platforms to improve the food operation, maintenance, administration, marketing, positioning, quality of service will be areas of great opportunities.

Mexico, the third country with the highest international tourism in 2020, is not exempt from this transformation within a strongly connected world, and today it has everything to position itself as a destination to live, work and visit with unique experiences. Some 120 million tourists check it out every year.

Tourism and travel is an industry with a global value of 9.7 trillion dollars (one billion), which is part of the transformation that is taking place globally in our leisure and work time. The industry is facing a unique opportunity to reinvent itself, to take another step towards what people will ask for in the coming years, and to use inspiration, creativity and innovation as the main tools.

Editor’s note: Juan Saldivar is an expert in media, digital marketing, brand building, e-commerce, and venture capital. He is also Chief Digital, Strategy & Accountability Officer of Entravision in the United States, founding partner of SWS Consulting and partner of RiseCapital, a capital fund in growing economies. His passion is in the future of brands, commerce, structural design of companies and the development of critical skills for the businesses of the future. In his past is the management of companies such as Submarino (the first eCommerce stores in Mexico in the 90s), the digital area of ​​Televisa, editorial divisions, the German Bertelsmann media group. Follow SWSConsulting on Instagram, on Twitter as @Juan_Saldivar and / or write to

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