LinkedIn announced that it will cut nearly a thousand jobs, in part, due to COVID-19.

The duration of the pandemic affected hiring, which is the basis for the development of LinkedIn. But there are also other reasons for the layoffs.

LinkedIn will cut almost a thousand jobs due to COVID-19

According to a statement signed by the CEO of the company, Ryan Roslansky, the decision is also due to the merger of two divisions. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and Talent Solutions teamed up, so they should avoid “duplicating expensive platforms, systems, and tools internally.”

There are 960 jobs cut by the company.

The hard-hit of the coronavirus on LinkedIn

About the coronavirus, Roslansky pointed out harsh reality. “It is having a sustained impact on hiring demand, both in our business and in our company,” he said.

“There are roles that are no longer necessary as we adapt to the reduced demand in our internal contracting,” he added.

Among the benefits of those laid off are being able to keep their devices and ten weeks of compensation. Additionally, the company will give them 12 months of free health insurance for workers in the United States and six months for workers elsewhere.