LinkedIn blesses this company, as the best to work for

LinkedIn blesses this company, as the best to work for

LinkedIn has become a guru company in the labor market and regularly all the warnings and studies that it launches are law for the human resources industry, such as the last mention where it warns that company is the better for to worksince you achieve good professional growth.

These types of advances in how the industry moves are important cases that warn us of the impact that a good study of the labor industry has and how insights that are relevant to consumers are achieved.

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With this exercise in mind, it is important to determine the aspects from which the labor market is being analyzed and the resources that are strengthening this segment.

That said, it is important to understand the aspects from which the market is understood and not only understand it, but also define resources that can be used to achieve greater interaction with the consumer.

This is where you should work, according to LinkedIn

Before addressing the recommendation of LinkedIn where to work, it is necessary to remember other cases of recommendations made by other organizations such as the Internet Association (AIMX) with the studio “Internet Job Search in Mexico 2021”.

Within this, the platform said to reveal in the voice of David Centeno, member of the Association’s Human Capital Committee, “that in 2021 33 percent of companies offered flexible hours compared to 27 percent that did so in 2020. This reflects that the companies they are adapting to new labor needs and generating actions aimed at the well-being of human talent”.

With this frame data, Let’s now see where LinkedIn recommends working. The platform warns that Amazon should be entered, since it is the company that offers the best promise of professional growth.

LinkedIn assures that it gives positive to the ability to advance, skills development, internal stability, external opportunity, affinity within the company, diversity and support in educational development, elements that it used to measure the effectiveness of the company in the growth of its collaborators.

This is not the first time that the job opportunity that LinkedIn identifies has been noticed. Previously he warned us of those that became the most booming jobs during the contingency:

  • Front-end and Back-end developer

  • SAP Specialist

  • cloud computing engineer

  • data engineer

  • Validation Analyst

  • machine learning engineer

  • data architect

    property manager

  • Real estate advisor

  • real estate agent

  • property advisor

  • real estate expert

  • Doctor

  • Family doctor

  • analytical chemist

  • Nurse

  • Occupational doctor

  • academic tutor

  • career advisor

  • Educative assesor

  • early childhood educator

  • Spanish teacher

  • Editor

  • Animator

  • illustrator

  • Artist

  • 3D artist

  • social media strategist

  • digital marketing advisor

  • Specialist in positioning strategies

  • Marketing assistant

  • Business Development Specialist

  • sales advisor

  • Business Development Representative

  • commercial specialist

  • Insurance agent

  • Insurance advisor

  • Insurance Financial Advisor

  • medical interpreter

  • Medical specialist

  • Clinical Research Associate

  • Director of clinical research

  • health assistant

  • mental health advisor

  • Clinical psychologist

  • Psychotherapist

  • e-commerce coordinator

  • Distributor

  • supply chain assistant

  • Warehouse team manager

  • Supply Chain Planning Director

  • Executive Director

  • Managing partner

  • Director of operations

  • Civil engineer

  • Bio-medical engineer

  • Website Reliability Engineer

  • Electronic Engineer

  • Materials engineer

  • Director of customer experience

  • Customer Service Specialist

  • Customer Service Executive

  • Head of customer service team

  • Customer Services Representative

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