Security is a vital element in computing, especially in companies. Information is power and any loss of information can be a very serious problem in a company. Now Microsoft Teams will have Safe Links a protection against pishing in the links of the chats.

Microsoft Teams shields itself from pishing

Microsoft today announced that Microsoft Teams users can now be protected using secure links on Microsoft Defender for Office 365. With this feature, organizations can protect their users from malicious phishing attacks.

When a user clicks a URL in Teams, the Safe Links service examines the URL for make sure the link is secure with the latest data from Microsoft Defender. If you find that a link is malicious, users will have the following situations related to links:

  • If the link was clicked in a conversation within Teams. Whether in chat, in a group or from channels, the warning page will appear in the default browser.
  • If the link was clicked from a pinned tab, the warning page will appear on the computers interface within that tab. The option to open the link in a web browser is disabled for security reasons.
  • Depending on how the option is configured Do not allow users to click the original URL of the policy, the user may or may not click the original URL (continue anyway (not recommended) in the screenshot). It is recommended that the option be enabled Do not allow users to click the original URL so that users cannot click the original URL.