Lime mousse without egg. Easy and simple dessert recipe

Lime mousse without egg.  Easy and simple dessert recipe

The dessert that I propose today is very appropriate to end our most special meals or dinners with its delicious citrus flavor. This lime mousse apart from being refreshing is very quick and easy to prepare and it does not need practically any time to rest or set in the refrigerator, because with only half an hour refrigerated, it already acquires a soft and full-bodied texture.

In addition, this dessert has an added advantage, because does not carry egg like most classic mousse recipes. In this way, we reduce the risk that raw eggs always entail and make it suitable for allergy sufferers.

We will start by squeezing the limes until we obtain 100 ml of juice. Then we put all the ingredients in a tall blender glass. We place the accessory of rods of our mixer and beat for a minute until well mixed.

Divide it into individual glasses and grate a little of the skin of a lime to decorate. Refrigerate at least half an hour.


With what to accompany the lime mousse

This lime mousse can become our star dessert when we are looking for something quick and fresh, its smoothness and a touch of citrus It will help us to have a less heavy digestion and will appeal to both those with a sweet tooth and those who love creamy desserts. We can serve it with lime zest, mint leaves and some red fruits.

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